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Five years ago today I hit publish on my first post here. I had spend the better part of two months trying to figure out what it was that I was going to add to the already burgeoning outdoor blog conversation — and whether it mattered to me if what I wrote actually mattered to anyone else but me and (eventually) my kids. I just wanted to give my soul a chance to breathe and be quiet again. I simply wanted to write. And so, the blog was my shot over the bow, in a manner of speaking. My first cast. This poem specifically:


They’re coming around the corner of the island now. Five afloat on the rippling glow.

Slow armada. Dark & noisy morning fleet.


1,825 days and 151 (now 152) posts later, I find myself turning to the blog for another breath, some quiet, and a renewed perspective. I’m exceedingly happy I took the shot I did in the first place, and that I’ve been able to share these last five years with all of you. And I’m exceedingly happy that it has mattered. Here’s to five more years of being present for mornings like the one that’s perpetually dawning in the words above.

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