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This is Matt Smythe


The short story:
Father, outdoorsman, veteran, 
and environmental and wildlife conservation advocate.


The longer story:
I'm equally comfortable presenting in a boardroom as hunting or fly fishing in rugged wilderness locales — although the latter is far preferable.

Personally and professionally, I love to uncover and tell stories of the human condition. I write to get at the necessary heart of what matters: finding relevance in the connections most people miss and ultimately motivating positive change. 

And I wear flip-flops until the snow is ankle-deep.

Personal interests (in no specific order): fly fishing, archery/gun hunting, trail running, grilling over charcoal, travel, photography, blues, bluegrass, gangster rap, and rock-and-roll. 

Industry chops: outdoor/sporting goods (hunting/fishing), environmental conservation, non-profit, financial services, health care, automotive, higher education, consumer retail

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